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Indoor show only

If you do not have outdoor space available, the Bubblologist will perform an indoor (it has to be done indoors or with at least 3 walls) interactive show on the science and fun of bubbles. He or She will create rainbow bubbles, square bubbles, triangle bubbles, bubbles that bounce on bubbles, bubbles within bubbles, giant bubbles and the grand finale where every child gets a chance to be inside of a Giant Bubble!

The cost of this program is dependent on the actual number of children that we put inside a bubbleFinal count is done on the day of the event.*

      Up to 20 children... $170.00 35-40 min

     21-30 children… $195.00   40-50 min

     31-40 children… $220.00   50-1 hour


*Mileage charge may apply if you are outside of our normal operating area(s).